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Branding for schools

A strong brand says so much about your school or Trust. It needs to be recognisable to all stakeholders and remain consistent across all forms of school marketing. Whether you are forming a new Academy or looking to freshen up your current brand, we would love to hear from you! 

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your website and your brand

For over a decade we have worked tirelessly to ensure school websites reflect the image and values of schools. This expertise allows us to offer advice and support when you consider your school's wider brand proposotion. We understand that a strong brand guarantees standards, creates differentiation and affords protection from competition. Most importantly, a great brand builds emotional bonds with its stakeholders. Our marketing experts have devised a brand creation and management process to help schools and Trusts. The process is broken down into four simple stages  - Stakeholder Analysis, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines and Brand Maintainance.


Stakeholder Analysis

When branding a school, it is important to consider who your audience are and who you are aiming to capture the attention of. It is this phase of the process that will truly outline why your school’s branding is so important. This is where we come in - we will produce a survey for you to disperse amongst existing parents, students and staff members in order to identify how you are currently perceived in the local community and align this with how you want your school’s brand to come across.


Visual identity

Whether you are looking to get a full logo redesign or tweak an existing logo, using information from the stakeholder analysis, we will specify your key values in order to devise a logo that fits the nature, culture and character of your school.

Brand Guidelines

Once we have established and agreed the branding with you, we will then produce a brand guidelines document, including your logo designs, typography, colour palettes, photography, fonts and tone of voice.

Brand Maintenance

With a rebrand, you will also have to consider the design of new brochures, prospectuses, signage, letterheads, compliment slips and maybe even various stationery, such as USB’s pens or notepads.


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