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  • Bring Your Child To Work Day

    Published 20/03/17, by e4 education

    We don't know about you, but when we were younger there was a rather large amount of curiosity into the lives of our parents at work. What did they do all day? Sit in an office and do stuff on the computer? Go into meetings? What did they do on the computer and in those meetings? What was their life like outside of the family home? We wanted to find out!

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  • How To Improve Your Enrolment With A Virtual Tour

    Published 15/03/17, by e4 education

    Why limit yourself to opening the doors of your Independent School on only a few occasions a year? A virtual tour allows potential parents and students to experience your impressive grounds, facilities and working environments - without having to physically be there.

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  • 6 Ways To Engage Your Staff In School Marketing

    Published 08/03/17, by e4 education

    April is upon us, and we all know what that means: yep, a shiny, fresh, brand new budget for you to play with. We also know that budgets aren't quite what they used to be. More and more schools are having to come up with innovative ways to make their money go further than ever before, when marketing their school. One brilliant way of doing this is to get your staff involved. When it comes to Open Day Season you need your staff to be enthusiastic and consistent ambassadors of the school. 

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  • Latest Live: February 2017

    Published 28/02/17, by e4 education

    If you didn't know already, we love to share our latest work with you to give you an idea of what we've been working on. Every project we undertake ends up being completely unique in order to capture and demonstrate the personality, ethos and culture of the school, academy or trust. Hopefully, these school website designs will provide you with an ounce of intrigue, a batch of ideas, and a heap of inspiration to get your next school website project underway.

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  • 10 Reasons Why Your School Website Visitors Are Leaving In The First 10 Seconds

    Published 22/02/17, by e4 education

    Is your school website underperforming? Are your bounce rates getting worse and you just can't figure out why? There are a number of reasons why your school website may be underperforming; and here are a few of them...

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  • Is Your Independent School's Prospectus A Thing Of The Past?

    Published 08/02/17, by e4 education

    Prospectuses used to be considered as a take-it-or-leave-it document... but now, more and more Independent schools are beginning to replace the lost focus on these incredibly valuable school brochures. 

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  • Latest Live: January 2017

    Published 31/01/17, by e4 education

    There's no better way than to bring in the New Year with a brand new school website. So many of our clients have decided to start 2017 with a fresh face. We have pulled together a selection of those that went live over the past month for you to cast your eyes upon; hopefully providing you with inspiration and ideas for your own school website. 

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  • Your School's Open Day: The 7 A's of Attraction

    Published 25/01/17, by e4 education

    Making the best first impression is crucial to the success of any open day. Once you have managed to get prospective parents and pupils to look around your school, the best way to differentiate your school from competitors is to be unique and memorable. Make your mark. When it comes to convincing your prospective stakeholders why they should choose your school, you need to think carefully about what's going to be your 'hook, line, and sinker'.

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  • Bett Show 2017: See You There!

    Published 18/01/17, by e4 education

    The Bett Show - 25th-28th January 2017 @ Excel, London- is the world's leading education technology event, celebrated in the UK. Aiming to create a better future by bringing together people, ideas, practices and technologies so that educators and learners can fulfil their potential. 

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  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Video Into Your Independent School's Marketing Strategy

    Published 11/01/17, by e4 education

    A professional, promotional school video has the powerful and unique ability to make a significant impact by capturing emotions and inspiring intrigue. By visually communicating your vision, values and personality you will be able to differentiate the individuality of your Independent School. 

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  • New Year's Resolutions: 12 Things You Should Be Doing Within Your School's Marketing

    Published 04/01/17, by e4 education

    With a new year, your school is provided with the opportunity to start a fresh. So many of you will be thinking about your personal new year's resolutions, but have you stopped to think about some for your school? Professional NYRs provide you with actionable goals to help your school's marketing efforts step up a notch or two. So let's get to it...

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  • Latest Live: December 2016

    Published 22/12/16, by e4 education

    It's December, Christmas is upon us and we are almost ready to welcome in 2017! As our little present to you, we'd like to share some inspirational websites that have gone live over the past month.. Click on the images to have a look around the websites for yourself and check out the extra features and sub-pages. You never know, you might find something that could be featured on your very own school website. 

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  • Leasing Out Your Independent School's Facilities

    Published 21/12/16, by e4 education

    Independent schools are beginning to think 'outside the box' when it comes to generating extra income, and this has lead to some interesting ideas being actioned. So many of the Independent schools in the UK are blessed with incredible architecture, picturesque surroundings and vast grounds, all of which combine for a perfect event venue. Independent schools have been used as venues to host weddings, business events, private events, performances and sporting events, with the added extra of many providing catering services and having boarding facilities available.

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  • 4 of The Best Christmas Adverts and What You Can Learn From Them

    Published 14/12/16, by e4 education

    Ahh... Christmas. A time for giving, sharing and most of all - spending. Businesses, brands and bodies are ramping up their merry marketing efforts, over the festive season, in order to win the hearts and minds of their audiences. I'm sure you're all too familiar with Buster the bouncing boxer dog, along with the various other characters that we get introduced to throughout this annual marketing bonanza. We've had the story of 'The Bear and the Hare', a recreation of the WW1 Christmas truce, Mog the cat, a carrot called Kevin, and a penguin called Monty. But what is it about these adverts that are so captivating?

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  • Why You Need A New Website

    Published 07/12/16, by e4 education

    Whether you are thinking of investing in a new school website, or if you haven't even considered it - this infographic will inform you of all of the things you probably haven't thought about when it comes to keeping your website up to date and relevant. 

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  • Latest Live: November

    Published 02/12/16, by e4 education

    Every month we bring you the latest and greatest websites we have created over the past month, and this month is no different. Have a look through our latest websites to check out the new school website trends, get inspiration and have a little poke around some of the websites we have been working on recently.

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  • The Power of Storytelling In The Classroom

    Published 23/11/16, by e4 education

    It's not everyday you come across a professional storyteller, which is why - when we were presented with the opportunity to feature Clare Steele on our blog, we jumped at the chance. 

    Clare trained at the International School of Storytelling at Emerson College, Sussex and off the back of that she founded In Other Words Storytelling. Delivering workshops in schools, Clare spreads the word of storytelling to children from Key Stage 1 to 3. Clare's programmes combine stories, songs and games, encouraging children to explore aspects of theme, narrative and characterisation. 

    In our previous blog post "Your School's Brand: The Incredible, Emotional Art of Storytelling" we discussed how a school can utilise storytelling, to their advantage, in their marketing efforts - Clare is going to talk to you about how valuable storytelling can be throughout every child's education when it comes to delivering the curriculum in thought-provoking and engaging ways. 

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  • How To Keep Your Prospective Parents Warm

    Published 16/11/16, by e4 education

    Once a parent agrees to send their child to your school, the nurturing process shouldn't stop there. It's important to keep in touch with them for a variety of reasons; to instil a sense of excitement in light of the first day of term, to keep them informed on what they can expect from your school community, and most importantly - to ensure they maintain an open channel of communication with the school.

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  • 23rd November: Come and See Us at The Academies Show

    Published 07/11/16, by e4 education

    The Academies Show, held at the Birmingham NEC on the 23rd November, offers education professionals with the opportunity to connect, network, and learn from industry leading professionals. We are very excited to announce that we will be there, offering our expertise and professional advice around your school or trust's website, branding and marketing.

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  • Latest Live: October

    Published 31/10/16, by e4 education

    Every month we like to share some of our latest website designs with you. Hopefully this will provide you with some inspiration or ideas for what you might want to do on your school website, or maybe you're just interested in what other schools are doing. Either way - have a look through some of our favourite designs from over the past month. Click on the images if you would like to explore each website in more detail.

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  • How To Develop Entrepreneurship

    Published 13/10/16, by e4 education

    There are many debates regarding whether entrepreneurship can be taught in a classroom setting, or whether it is an innate quality that is with us from birth and you either have it or you don't. The most accurate answer to this question, annoyingly, is - it depends.

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