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  • Get Prepared For Open Day Season Without Breaking The Bank

    Published 25/10/17, by e4 education

    With the impending fairer funding formula on the horizon, you’ll probably want to make sure your school is running at capacity. One way you can impact enrolment is to host a successful open day/evening. In this blog post we look at how you can run a memorable open day on a budget.

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  • The Real Cost of Doing Your School Website In-House

    Published 18/10/17, by e4 education

    Despite an announcement earlier this year from the Education Secretary, Justine Greening, in which she promised an extra £1.3bn in funding for schools in England over the next two years, many still face real term cuts with soaring staff costs and growing class sizes. With school funding on the brink, more and more schools are looking to raise funds or reduce spending wherever they can.

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  • Marketing Your School On A Budget

    Published 11/10/17, by e4 education

    Budget cuts are one of the biggest worries for schools all across the UK this year so it's useful to know how to stretch your money far a wide without breaking the bank. When it comes to planning out the spend over the next year, marketing can sometimes fit into the 'not essential' category.

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  • Bulk Buying Power: How To Save Money For Your Trust

    Published 26/09/17, by e4 education

    As the squeeze on school budgets continues, more and more schools are turning to collaboration with other schools to put group purchasing into action. This allows them to team up and using their purchasing power to drive efficiencies in procurement and save money on the cost of commonly used goods and services. This is often why many academies choose to join Multi Academy Trusts, pooling together resources for the common good.

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  • Help Your School Save Money By Doing These 5 Things

    Published 20/09/17, by e4 education

    WIth school budgets on the brink, we've come up with a list of ways your school can save money...

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  • Going Paperless: How A School App Could Help You Save Thousands

    Published 13/09/17, by e4 education

    Ray Fleming, Education Marketing Manager for Microsoft, recently suggested that schools are using up to a million sheets of paper every year and spending up to £60,000 per annum on printing and photocopying alone. While these statistics seem somewhat large and on the higher end of the scale, there’s no denying that most schools spend a significant amount of money each year on paper and print. With a squeeze on school budgets this is just one of the areas your school could look to make significant savings, without compromising the impact on communications or parental engagement.

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  • eSafety: What's The Advice?

    Published 18/08/17, by e4 education

    We know it's not a new topic and we're sure you're all too familiar with the concerns that the internet brings to children, BUT with the new GDPR coming into place in May 2018, it's important that we refresh our memories with the importance of eSafety. 

    So, as a little refresh, we would like to bring your attention back to the subject as it will all be very relevant for you to address before this coming May.

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  • Latest Live: July 2017

    Published 24/07/17, by e4 education

    It's that time again... SUMMER BREAK! Over the past month we have seen so many new school websites go live in preparation for the next academic year. Have a browse through some of our latest and greatest website designs and click on the images to explore each website even further.

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  • Avoid The Summer Silence: 9 Things School Marketers Can Do Over The Summer Break

    Published 18/07/17, by e4 education

    Do you find it hard to think of things to post over the summer? Do you spend most of your time planning and preparing marketing strategies for the next academic year? Do your school blogs and social feeds become slightly barren? Here are a few examples of how you can avoid the summer silence and keep the content flowing.

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  • Are You Marketing To Your Prospective Students Effectively?

    Published 05/07/17, by e4 education

    Have you ever really thought about who you're marketing to? Of course you have, but we mean really thought about stepping into their shoes in attempt to appeal to their interests. The prospective students of today live in a completely different world to those of 10 years ago.

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  • Latest Live: June 2017

    Published 15/06/17, by e4 education

    Another month has passed us by and with it we have seen so many beautiful, new school websites go live. Each and every website project we work on, is completely unique. This allows schools, academies and trusts to differentiate themselves from one another and stand out from the sea of sameness.

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  • How To Make Sure You're Writing High Quality Content For Your Website

    Published 07/06/17, by e4 education

    Writing content for your school's website, prospectus or any other marketing material for that matter, isn't an easy task. It's important to review and update content annually, whilst continually adding to content on your news feeds, calendars and social platforms. But how can you be sure that the content you are creating is distinctive, appealing and better than average?

    What good is a content strategy if your website isn't optimised fully for inbound marketing and user experience?

    Ask yourself the following questions, before you write or publish anything, to ensure your content is truly worthwhile for each of your individual audience segments.

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  • The Easy Way To Convert Prospective Parents To Your School

    Published 07/06/17, by e4 education

    As you already know, open day season is upon us and prospective parents will be beginning their decision making process in choosing a school for their children. So what should you be doing to convert prospective audiences and turn them into ambassadors of your school?

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  • Latest Live: May 2017

    Published 26/05/17, by e4 education

    We're now officially half way through the year (just about). Can you believe it? 2017 has just flown by and with it has come some of the best school websites we have ever seen! Over the last month we have seen several animated primary website designs come into fruition, some prestigious academies alongside one of the final websites from the Ivybridge Multi Academy Trust; with each one demonstrating their own unique brand identity and values.

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  • What Is A Landing Page And Why Does Your School Need Them?

    Published 24/05/17, by e4 education

    When it comes to attracting prospective parents and students to your school, it is up to you to create a fluid, effective and efficient conversion process to help nurture leads into customers. This is done with the inbound marketing conversion process.

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  • How Will GDPR Affect Your School?

    Published 10/05/17, by e4 education

    On the 25th May 2018 the current Data Protection Act (DPA) will be replaced by the new and updated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - meaning the way you manage all information and data within your school will change. "What on earth are you talking about?" I hear you say. Well, let me elaborate...

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  • Latest Live: April 2017

    Published 26/04/17, by e4 education

    It's that time again. At the end of every month we pull together a collection of some of the latest and greatest websites that have gone live with us over the last month. Working with a vast array of schools, academies and trusts across the UK means we get the pleasure of delivering unique and bespoke websites to each and every single client. With no two websites being the same, we are always keen to show off the work that we produce with our clients. 

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  • Telling Your School's Story

    Published 19/04/17, by e4 education

    When it comes to differentiating your school from the crowd - and standing out from the sea of sameness - there is no better way to do so than collecting and curating the stories that unfold within your school.

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  • Making The Most Of Your Open Day

    Published 12/04/17, by e4 education

    We're beginning to gear up into open day season, which means now is a good time to start planning how you might demonstrate your school's charisma, personality and charm to all of its visitors.

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  • What To Include In Your School's Communication Policy

    Published 05/04/17, by e4 education

    Every school must have a communications policy featured on their website to ensure effective communication between the school, the pupils, their parents and other members of the wider community. This is to ensure that communications between all members of the school community are clear, professional, timely and appropriate.

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  • Latest Live: March 2017

    Published 31/03/17, by e4 education

    We can't believe that March is over already! Throughout this month so many of the beautiful websites we have been working on, have gone live and we would love to share a selection of them with you. Click on the images to have a look around their school websites in more detail. You never know - you might find something you would like to feature on your own school website.

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